YouTube Quickstart Guide

This YouTube quickstart guide will help you get starting creating your Youtube Channel and building your audience online. We want you get get started with your channel as quickly and easily as possible thats why we put together this guide for you to help you find your way in the YouTube world. Good luck on getting started just be reading this guide you are already ahead of the competition if you put in the work you will be a successful YouTuber quicker than you think.

DMwithKarl YouTube Quickstart Guide

Channel Target Audience

Channel Focus is what makes your channel feel like it was hand made for your viewer and is one of the most important parts of the YouTube Quickstart Guide

The core elements of your Channel focus are

Type of Videos

Your Personality

Video Style

Why is it important to start with a Focus for your channel?

Creating videos that are focused for your specific target audience will help you grab attention with your first few videos.

More than 400 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you want to stand out in this massive ocean of videos you need to be very specific who your audience is that you are creating videos for.

YouTube is very crowded place. By focusing your videos on specific people in a specific audience you will make it easier for them to find you.

How to Define your Target Audience

The most important question you must answer before your even start creating your YouTube Channel is Who is my Channel for?

If you don’t answer this question in the most detail that you can, you will battle to capture an audience on YouTube

We have created a Guide to help you define your Audience using questions that will help you drill down until you are specific enough with your defined audience.

Clarify your target audience in the YouTube Quickstart Guide

Who is your YouTube channel and content for?

Define your Customer Avatar

Name, Sex & Age _______________________________________________

What is their Problem ____________________________________________

How can you solve it _____________________________________________

Demographics __________________________________________________

Life situation they are in (That relates to their problem)___________________


Real Life Limitations that they experience _____________________________


Unique language terms and phrases that they use about their problem ______


Clarify your content

What kind of content will you publish

How do these videos serve your audience

How often do you publish?



I post weekly videos that ________

What is your mission?

Communicate your mission

What is your why?

Write down 5 reasons why you are doing this

  1. _____________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________

5. _____________________________________________________

Alpha M YouTube Channel

Become Valuable using the YouTube Quickstart Guide

How do you become valuable, you deliver value to your Target Audience

In order to do this you need to clearly define the kind of value you are going to deliver

You need to understand your value proposition that will differentiate you

Does your Channel

Help men become more confident in front of women

Help Women lose weight before their wedding

Help Varsity Students study better for exams

What type of videos are you going to make?

Education or Entertainment

Entertainment videos such as vlogs or inspirational videos do well on YouTube because people are used to being entertained by movies and series on TV and they view YouTube as a similar platform.

Educational videos can be How to Videos or Tutorials like How to bake a cake or they could be interview videos where you interview interesting people that share their knowledge like Joe Rogan and Tom Bilyeu.

Tom Bilyeu

Think about which type of videos will help you deliver the most value to your audience, when going through the YouTube Quickstart Guide always stay focused on what is best for the viewer and not what is best for you.

For our Channel thats How to videos and Tutorial videos showing step by step how to do something. This solves a very specific problem that someone is searching for and assists in keeping the video super relevant which is what YouTube wants.

How Often will you make Videos

You need to define how often you are going to upload videos to your YouTube channel so that you have a schedule that you can stick to.

YouTube rewards creators that publish videos on a consistent basis. I normally recommend you start with publishing at least 1 video per week. If you can do 2 or 3 a week that’s even better. The more video you do the faster you will improve the value that you deliver in the videos and the faster your channel will grow.

Don’t overestimate your capacity and energy to make videos. If you want to create a new video every single day like Gary Vee you can do that. I tried it and it was a real challenge but it helped me grow my channel and get better at creating videos. You don’t have to publish a new video every single day to be successful there are lots of channel that only post a video once every two weeks and once every month and that works for them.

If you are just starting out chances are your videos probably won’t be Hollywood quality so that’s why I recommend you start with 1 video a week so you can start getting used to creating videos.

Channel Sections / Categories

Channel Sections help you organize your Channel Home Page and display the videos you want to show returning subscribers and which ones you want to show new visitors.

You can customize the two pages one for New visitors and one for Returning Subscribers.

This is so important and is often overlooked by new Channels

If you can organize your videos into the right kind of categories you will help your channel style and you will get more views because people know exactly where to find everything.

Look at Peter Mckinnon Channel 

At the top he shows you his masterpiece the Bucket Shot video.

Then he has his latest uploads.

Then he shows you his Tutorials which is where he gets most of his views from.

Your channel sections display what your channel is all about.

The 5 most popular channel sections are

Popular uploads

Recent Uploads


Recent Activity

Live Streams

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan YouTube

Have a look at how Noah Kagan has used the sections on his channel to show exactly what his channel is all about. If you get this right you will get more views and subscribers from returning viewers.

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