VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension

VidIQ vision Chrome Extension is an amazing tool that you can use to help you analyze information on YouTube about keyword search volume, competition for a specific keyword and find out metrics about specific videos and why they are popular or not so popular. 

It is such a great tool because it is so easy to get started all you need to do is sign up for a free account at 

If you want to learn more about YouTube have a look at our blog and our Free YouTube Quickstart Guide

Enter your name, email address and a password and you are ready to install the chrome extension. 

How to Install VidIQ

To get this plugin go to Chrome Web Store to install the chrome extension


Or you can go to and click Install Chrome Extension

Once you have the extension Installed you will see the small IQ in the top right of your screen, click on it to log in to your VidIQ account that you created in step 1 

When you click on it this drop down should appear

Enter your email and Password and log into your VidIQ Account

Once you are logged in you will see this dashboard

This Dashboard will give you access to lots of shortcuts for your YouTube channel

You can access YouTube Shortcuts

  • YouTube Home Page
  • YouTube Studio Dashboard
  • YouTube Upload Page
  • My Videos
  • Playlists
  • Comments
  • Messages
  • Subscribers
  • And YouTube Studio Analytics

VidIQ Shortcuts

  • Analytics
  • Videos
  • VidIQ Competition Score

And then all the Additional Features you get when you upgrade to VidIQ Pro and VidIQ Boost

VidIQ Extension Tools on YouTube

VidIQ Keyword Search Toolbar

Shows you the highest views and average views for the keyword. The average subscribers of the creators ranking for this term. How many were added in the last 7 days. How many videos have closed captions. What the average age of the videos are. Number of times the keyword is in the title. Number of times the keyword is in the description. Who the top creator is.

The best part about this tool is the Keyword Score.

This tells you the VidIQ search volume score out of 100 and the VidIQ competition score out of 100.

The tool also shows you other related tp search keywords. If you want access to more keyword suggestions then you can upgrade to VidIQ Pro.

VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension Individual Video Analysis

When you have VidIQ installed and you are logged in when you open a video you will see this VidIQ Tab pop up next to the video showing you some great information. Lets break it down

The first thing you will see is the Overview showing you the VidIQ score, this is based on the video popularity and views relative to other videos on YouTube. The number is out of 100 and is an indication of the percentile that the video is performing in.

The views per hour shows you how many views you are getting every hour this is also known as video velocity and is an important metric to measure in the first hour and first 48 hours of each video.

On the right you have the total views counter.

The hidden features that are revealed when you upgrade are the subscriptions driven, subscription views and average view duration. Top devices that have viewed the video as well as the top countries, if you want to see these features you can upgrade your VidIQ account.


The engagement rate is measured as the number of people that engage with your video as a percentage of the total views.

The like ratio is the number of likes vs dislikes. How many like your video has on the Facebook embed. How many Reddit upvotes, comments and posts your video has. The number of followers on the channels Instagram account.

VidIQ SEO Score

The VidIQ SEO score is an indication of how well your video is optimized for search and how well it is performing. The actionable SEO score is made up from the tag count, tag volume, keywords in the title, keywords in the description and triple keywords. 

Next to the SEO score we have the number of suggested videos from the creator, then the number of words in the description

Below this we have the number of end screens at the end of the video, the number of links in the description and lastly the number of external referring links to the video. The hidden data are the YouTube Search Views, Suggested Views and referred views.






Compare Views in the first 28 days

This is a new tab and allows you to compare the views on the video you are watching to your channel average or to another video.

Video Optimization Checklist

This is very useful to check that you have done everything that you can to optimize your video on YouTube. I use this checklist while I am uploading the video and then use it here to check I have done everything I can to give the video the best possible chance. 


This gives all the stats for the YouTube channel or creator of the video, it shows you Total views for the channel, average daily views, which country the creator is from. How many views they have on the channel in the last 30 days. The total number of subscribers, the average new daily subscribers. How many new subscribers they have got in the last 30 days. Then finally the subscriber rank and view rank.

VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension Video Tags

This will show you all of the video tags and where the video ranks for each tag. This is a great way to get a quick indication of how well the video is ranking in YouTube search for the tags you have chosen.


This is the topics that you have chosen for the video. Think of them like categories.

Channel Tags

I am not sure why our channel tags are not showing but this section will normally show the tags for the channel and these are nice to compare to the video tags and see how relevant they actually are. 


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