The secret formula to custom thumbnails in this video I’m gonna share with you our special free cheatsheet on how to create custom thumbnails that will increase your click-through-rate and get you more views on your YouTube channel. You can click on the link in the description below to download your very own custom thumbnails cheat sheet

 Custom thumbnails are the most important part of your YouTube game because if you can’t get people to click on your thumbnails you never gonna get any views by the end of this video you’ll be able to use our free cheat sheet to up your custom thumbnail game and start getting more views on your YouTube videos we have used this formula to get more than 300 thousand views on our videos.

Before you even think about starting to create videos for your YouTube channel you need to plan out what you gonna do for your Custom thumbnails. Now by planning ahead and getting organised you can make sure that you always have a good high-quality custom thumbnail for every single video. I don’t ever want you to create a video and then just before you upload it you suddenly start thinking about what you gonna do for the custom thumbnail you need to create your custom thumbnail before you even start recording your video you need to know exactly what your plan is and how you going to create an amazing thumbnail  that’s highly clickable. Clickability is the first fundamental on our custom thumbnails Cheat sheet  

 So what is clickability. Clickability is the percentage chance that someone is gonna click on your YouTube thumbnail to start watching your video the higher you can get this percentage the more views you gonna get from the impression that YouTube Gonna Give You as you get more clicks YouTube will give you more impressions and so your video starts to get more and more views the snowball effect is set in Motion if your clickability game is really on point you can start getting viral views because your clickability is so amazing

 The second fundamental of custom thumbnails is a high quality image no more of these screen grab from your video for good custom thumbnails you need to take a photograph and intentional planned photograph that’s gonna make an impact and it’s gonna make people want to watch your video.

 you have to get your ugly face in there. No matter how ugly you think it is people still wanna see it people want to connect with you as the Creator they want to see who created the video but putting your face in your custom thumbnails you gonna help build your Brand and help people that recognise your brand realised that you created this video and give them a reason to start watching your video give them a reason to click on your custom thumbnail

Who are you are nervous about putting a picture of your face in your thumbnail comment below.

 Use a bold and eye-catching Colour we like to put background colours in our custom thumbnails

 this helps create consistency for the theme of our videos that we creating you don’t always have to stick to the same background colours. you can change it and mix it up. If you go back and have a look at our channel you can see how we changed our background image every now and then but we try and keep it consistent for a decent period of time so the people get used to what your custom thumbnails look like and they start to recognise when you’ve released a new video and they get attracted to it straight away and get enticed to click on your video and watch it. The second reason why I want you to use a bold colour is to stand out from the crowd if you look at YouTube a lot of the colours on the platform are red black and white so we don’t like using these Colours because then you fit in and you disappear in that huge amount of videos that are out there. The first background colour we used on our channel was a bright bright green colour and this did really well to help us stand out from the crowd and to encourage people to click on our videos. we’ve tried other variations since then, we’ve tried a bright yellow and orange which works really well for us and now we testing out a nice bright blue eye-catching colour. You want to use a colour that fits with the theme of your brand but still encourages people and entices them to click on your video and helps you stand out from the crowd so that they get more excited to watch your video then someone else’s

 Always add an interesting element to your thumbnails. This just adds a little bit more pop a little bit extra something that will get someone’s attention and convince them that this video is perfect for them to watch. You want them to think that the video is made for them. Some of the small elements that we’ve added to our  custom thumbnails have been little icons like a Photoshop icon the Premiere Pro icon the Lightroom icon as well as little YouTube play buttons the best little element that we’ve used is the Apple logo for the Mac whenever we create videos that are specifically tailored to Mac users we put that little Apple logo on it. We increase our click-through rate drastically and get way more views on the video.

 We also like to add bold text to our custom thumbnails we don’t use the same text as the title the video but we like to use text that’s gonna get people interested in what the videos about create a bit of curiosity around what your videos about and what it provides to the viewers

 Size Matters the majority of your views will come from people on mobile phones to make sure that your custom thumbnail looks really good at all different sizes if it appears on a mobile phone if it appears on a laptop or iPad or even if it’s on a big TV screen you want to make sure the thumbnail you’ve designed looks good on all the different platforms and all the different sizes

 Stand out from the crowd if you can create custom thumbnails that stand out from the crowd the stand out from the huge amount of videos that are always available on YouTube that YouTube always shows you as possible videos you like to watch if you get your custom thumbnail to pop you gonna get so many more clicks and that’s gonna lead to more views for your YouTube channel which will encourage YouTube to push your video out more which will get you even more views and so the snowball of YouTube views starts rolling in your video get more and more and more, this is exactly what we want in creating and crafting custom thumbnails that increase your click-through-rate and get you a massive amount of views on your YouTube videos.

 so head down and click on the link in the description below to download your very own custom thumbnails cheat sheet

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