Day 2
How to Start a YouTube Channel
The Ultimate Guide for Photographers

Deciding on the direction and target audience of your YouTube Channel is the most important decision you will make when starting out on YouTube. Don’t let this intimidate you so much that you end up not deciding on a target audience and never actually get started.
Before we get into Day 2 I want to congratulate you on making it here. You are now part of the top 10%.
90% of people won’t make it past the first day of trying to start a YouTube Channel. Be Proud that you have started and use the momentum to keep going. 


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Here is the video for Day 2

I see far too many people freeze because they are too scared to make a decision. If you are petrified you will make the wrong decision, you may end up never actually starting. If you don’t ever start then you won’t make the mistakes that teach you exactly what you need to be doing.

Here is an example I like to use to explain the journey of finding the right Target Audience:

When I first started YouTube many moons ago everyone wanted to know about these things called red dots so I made videos about red dots and people enjoyed watching them. Then one day while I was researching more about red dots I found out that there are also blue dots. I made a video about blue dots and everyone really liked blue dots and started getting more interested in them. So I went out and learned some more about these blue dots and discovered that there are also blue triangles and they are so much better than dots because they have 3 edges. I started making videos about blue triangles and people loved them. So I made even more videos on blue triangles that got a lot of attention eventually people started interviewing me about my blue triangles. One of the questions they asked me was do you prefer blue triangles or blue squares. I had never seen a blue square so I went and found out that blue squares have 4 edges and they are so much better than triangles because they are symmetrical. I made videos about blue squares and they went viral. I became so famous that people started doing collaboration videos with my and while working with all these amazing people I found out that there are Red Squares and they are so much better than blue squares and people want to see videos about red squares so much more than blue squares.

Moral of the Story is if you don’t start you will never begin the journey from red dots to red squares. Start your journey today and you will learn and work things out as you go along.


Be Yourself

The best advice I can give you when you are starting out is be yourself and be authentic. Don’t try and be someone you are not. People want to see you for who you are and connect with you.


Step 1 List 10 -15 Passions Hobbies

To get started I want you to answer these questions write down all your answers because we are going to use them in the next section. You need at least 10 – 15 answers as a minimum but don’t limit yourself just let the ideas flow.

What are your Passions?

What are your Hobbies?

What do you do for Fun?

What do you do on the Weekend?

What do you do with your spare time?

Take all these answers and create a list of YouTube Niches we will use this list as a base to work from.

Step 2 How big is the potential audience on YouTube

Is it growing or declining?

Type your passion into google trends and check the volume and the trend

Google Trends

Type each item from your YouTube Niches list into google trends and write down the latest volume score out of 100 next to each item for example

Mountain Biking 69 Up

Running 90 Up

Trail running 89 Up

Yoga 77 Flat

Meditation 100

Bass Fishing 40 Down

Wildlife Photography 49 Down

Crossfit 34 Flat

Coffee 100 Up

Digital Marketing 84 Up

Is it trending upwards, downwards or is it flat

And put an up or down next to each item


Step 3 How motivated is your audience

Think about how over the top people are about the subject

Think about how much money you spend on this passion/hobby/interest

How willing are you to spend more money on this?

For Example the crossfit audience is very motivated

The Coffee audience is very motivated

Give them a score from 0 – 100 on how motivated you think they are

This is just an estimate on what you think about how you and other people feel about this passion/hobby/interest

Step 4 How excited are you about the Topic

This is all about how much you love it.

Do you really love this stuff or is it just kind of a thing you sort of like to do.

What will you give up in order to spend time enjoying your passion/hobby/interest?

Will it get you out of bed?

Do you love it more than Chocolate Brownies?

Score yourself on a scale of 0 – 100 on how passionate you are

Pick your Winner

Total up your scores for each item on your list and pick your winner

It doesn’t have to be the one with the top score but it should be in the top 5 at least

Pick your Winner and write it down

I can tell you now that it will be a very broad subject so the last thing we need to do is narrow down your Niche for YouTube

When you are starting out it is imperative that you target a very specific Niche, in the beginning, to start building your viewers and Subscribers. Once you are established then you can start widening your Niche a bit.

Narrow down your Niche to 5 levels


Level 1 New YouTubers Wanting to start a side Hustle Online Business

Level 2 New YouTubers wanting to go from 0 Subs 0 Views to 100 Subs

Level 3 New YouTubers who are Photographers wanting to go from 0 to 100 subs

Level 4 New YouTubers Between the ages of 20 – 35 that are Photographers wanting to start a side hustle who are overwhelmed by too much information online and need a simple step by step formula system to follow to get started

Level 5 Karl is a 27-year-old male who works as an Insurance Broker and wants to start an online business as a side hustle creating videos, he is a photographer but doesn’t know where to get started with creating videos and building an online business. He is overwhelmed by all the information out there and wants to find a proven system and process he can follow.