Day 1
How to Start a YouTube Channel
The Ultimate Guide for Photographers

Let’s kick this off by getting excited about the future, I want you to take a moment and think about what a Successful YouTube Channel could do for you.

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Here is the video for Day 1

Grab a Pen and Paper and write down your own answers to these questions


In 6 Months from now

  • Do you still want to be working the same job?
  • Are you happy in this job?
  • Does your Job make you feel fulfilled?
  • Where are you living?
  • Are you in the same place?
  • Or are you traveling the world?
  • How do you feel?
  • Are you excited to get up each morning and enjoy your freedom?


If the answers to the questions you wrote down aren’t your reality today, Then something needs to change!


Because If you do nothing to change your state, you will be sitting right here doing the same thing, living the same life and feeling the same way in 6 months from now.


Starting a YouTube Channel can be the vehicle for the change you want to create in your life.


This is not a secret that will make you rich overnight. You will need to work on it consistently if you want to see results.


Here is what a successful YouTube Channel can do for you. A YouTube Channel can create the foundation for changing everything in your life, and I know this because it helped me quit my job and start living my dream.


Once I started taking YouTube and Video seriously, my life started to change.


So let’s get started right away


Step 1 Get Your YouTube Channel Online


Because if you don’t get your channel launched no amount of Great Ideas and Planning will get you half of the growth you will experience and the benefits you will gain by launching your channel Right Now!


Don’t be that tomorrow Person!

Take Action today and Start Changing your Life with Video


I know that change can be scary but we have broken up the actions steps into small enough chunks to make it easy enough to execute each step.


Focus on the Outcome we want you to achieve in today’s lesson

Get Your YouTube Channel Online


Even if you are not 100% sure what you want your website to be about, don’t worry. We will cover How to find a profitable Website Niche in Step 2 so that you can stay focused on your ideal customer.


First and Foremost, Don’t waste time deciding on the name of your channel. Your Goal Right Now is to take the first step.


Pick any name that is somewhat related to what you want to make videos about. You can always change the domain at a later stage. If you are really unsure the easiest name to use to get started is your actual name, your first name if it is still available or you can use your full name.


Focus on what is most important to You, Getting your YouTube Channel Online


Let’s do This


Here is my step by step guide How to start your YouTube Channel


Even if you have no previous tech skills, this guide is so easy to follow and shows you everything you need to do to get up and running.


So head over to my step by step guide now to get started


If you are not sure this is the path you want to go down, that’s totally ok there are plenty other ways you can create a business online such a blogging and Podcasting, but none of them have the massive potential that video does.


Let’s take a moment to talk about the most common question I get asked from people wanting to start their own YouTube Channel


Am I too late to get started on YouTube?


People think a picture is worth a thousand words? James Mcquivey a digital marketing expert estimated that a minute of video is equivalent to over 1 million words.


Head over to my step by step guide right now and lets get your YouTube Channel Up and Running


Tomorrow I will share with you How to find a target audience for your new channel.

This will help you choose the right topics to create video about, that will start attracting viewers to your channel.


If you smashed the first step quickly and you want to jump right into step 2 click here to accelerate into our second step.


That’s it for today


Let’s create something great together



P.S. One more word of Advice


If you want to start earning lots of ZARs (or $) from your blog tomorrow, before you learn and build the skills, then this course is not for you.


Most of us go to school for 18 years of our lives and then we still not ready for the workforce we still have to go to university for another 4-5 years before we can enter the working world to make some money.


How can you expect to start something new and be amazing at it right away? I just want to make sure that you have the right expectations for this new YouTube venture.


This will take time in the beginning but I promise you the hard work will pay off in the long run.


Most of all I am not asking you to pay me one cent for this course because I want to see as many South Africans become successful YouTubers as I can reach and help.


Just focus on the bare essentials right now to achieve the outcome of getting your YouTube channel online.

P.S.S Yes creating a YouTube channel and making money with it can be learned without having to spend money on expensive courses, books or online consulting.


And the best part is I’m going to show you how 🙂


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