How to Make Money Online in South Africa my First R1000

In this post I will discuss how I make money online in South Africa my first R1000.

It wasn’t easy getting started making money online. I think the first R1000 you make online will be the hardest. You need to learn the ropes of making money online especially from South Africa. The rest of the world doesn’t understand that its different for us South Africans.


I will take you through my journey how I started and how I made my first R1000 online. There are lots of different ways you can make money on the side I wrote about all the different ways here. The way I got started was creating an online course.

My first online course in South Africa

I created my first online course back in January 2018 and it took 6 months for me to hit the R1000 mark. It didn’t happen quickly because I wasn’t very good at marketing or writing about my course back then. I was still working a full time job and trying to figure out how to get going making money online.


Its the best way to start just don’t take as long as I did to fail. Fail fast and learn from your failures. That is the best lesson that I have learned. Stop doubting yourself and start believing in the value that you have to offer the world.


Everyone has learnt valuable lessons in their life that they can pass on to someone who needs help with that same lesson. If you can help someone solve their problem quicker because of the advice that you give them from your own experiences then we are making the world a better place by adding value to the people around us.

How I made R1,000 Online

How I made money online in South Africa

I put my online course up on the Udemy market place and they did all the promotion for me. It was slow at first but in the end it took me 6 months to make my first R1000 online.


Since then I have created more courses and have helped more than 2000 people in more than 100 countries with my online courses. I think this is amazing that I can access so many people in such a short time and in so many different countries.

Are online courses the best way to make money in South Africa

Creating your own online course is the best medium for you to deliver value to people. The more value you can deliver the more people will be willing to pay you for this value.


Online courses are scalable it is hard work creating an online course you have to put in a lot of hours to create a great course but once you have created it you can scale this course to so many people all around the world.

How to get started selling online course

It is so simple to get started selling online courses. I would recommend you start on Udemy because the platform is easy to work on and the market place is the best for beginners starting out.

Try creating a course and make it free to see how it goes learn from it and get some student feedback on how you can improve your teaching.

Don’t expect your first course to be amazing. Your first attempt is never going to shoot the lights out but thats ok its important you take the first step and learn from it and then take the next step as you improve and your confidence gets better you will start making better content that delivers more value then you can start charging a bit more for your courses.


Remember we all have to start somewhere. Don’t be ashamed when you are starting out. Be proud that you are starting. All the people that will try criticize you will be people that are too scared to do it themselves so don’t let them affect you.

Do you still create courses online

Yes I do here are my Udemy courses and I have courses on a platform called Teachable you can have a look at them here. This is a free platform and is nice because you can control the pricing of your courses whereas Udemy always offers big discounts on your courses and you end up earning less. (This is cool if you want to find courses you want to learn from because you can pick them up at good discounts if you are patient)


If you have any questions about getting started leave me a comment below this post and I will be sure to respond.


Now go out their and start creating your own online course so you too can make some money on the side. If you looking for some inspiration read my last blog post here