“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” Steve Jobs

Every day after I followed my heart and quit my corporate job in insurance has been interesting to see how different the day feel. How much excitement is in the air. How I can’t wait to start each day every morning and don’t want to turn the lights off to go to sleep. I am no longer dreaming and imagining my dream life, I am living it. 

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What a difference it has made to have the courage to hand in my resignation letter and decide to live my life. The life I have designed and created. The life I am excited to live because its life on my terms. 

Don’t get me wrong, its definitely not easy, its really hard. You start to realise that where you are in life right now is as a result of all the small decision you have made along the way. If you want to be somewhere else, to achieve something different. Then you need to take responsibility for this change. The important part is to have the discipline to do the hard work even when you don’t feel like it. 

Be Ready for Change

The idea that I had for my life when I quit my job is very different to what I am doing now and how I am living my life. But I never would have got to where I am if I hadn’t set a goal and started working towards it. Its only after you have experienced something that you really understand if its what you want. If you don’t take that first step towards a new future one year from now, ten years from now you will be in the exact same place. Would you be happy with this?

Then why are you so afraid of change?

Do you have the passion to make your vision come true?


Once you have your vision, once you can see it with absolute clarity every single little detail you will need all the passion you have to keep at it. Inspiration is good but it never lasts. You need your passion to keep you going when the going gets tough. When you start to feel the resistance. Your passion will need to be the one pushing you from behind to keep going. You are probably used to your parents pushing you or your teacher or lecturer pushing you. Now its up to you and you need to call on your passion to help you push yourself. Push yourself enough to make your vision become a reality. This is where you need to have a deep understanding of why you want your vision. Why do you truly want the life you have envisioned. Understand your why and it will be clear to you that any obstacle or resistance won’t last long. You will overcome it because your why is stronger than anything that comes up against your new life.

Keep Raising your standards

If you don’t know what Progressive overload is then you need to start googling. I needed to when I first got told about it. If you keep doing the same things it will just get easier you need to use progressive overload to your advantage so that you can keep growing. Keep pushing the boundaries. If you aren’t growing then you standing still and that’s not a good thing.

You need to keep raising your standards so that you keep having to reach for your goals. You don’t want it to be easy. If its easy you will lose interest. You want it to challenge you just enough. If you get tired rest just long enough to recover and no more then try again. 

Do the push ups

If I ask you to do as many push-ups as you can do. How many do you think you could do until you collapse and you feel like you have nothing left in you?  20? 30? 50?  Then what if I asked you to rest for a bit and asked you to do it again?

Do you think you could do some more push ups? Of course you could. How come you can do more? Because you have more in you than you think!

Never lower your standards always keep them high and keep making them higher.

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Photo by Florian Schneider on Unsplash

Find your Love

Find what you love and make that your lifes work. Work is going to take up a large portion of your life. Why not spend it doing something you love?

Once you do your days will be different and you will wonder what you did with all your time before. Once I quit my insurance job and started doing what I love photography, filmmaking adventure, creating and building things. It all changed

Suddenly I had more energy. I was more excited to get going in the morning. I started forgetting to eat. When last did you enjoy your work so much you forgot to eat?

Thats when you know you are really in the flow. You are engrossed in what you love. Don’t settle if you haven’t found what you love yet. You will find it you just need to keep looking. 

Here is a good quote for you 

“Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Can you guess where it is from?

If you are thinking about following your heart and doing what you love leave me a comment below I would love to hear all about it. Make it a commitment to yourself leave me a comment with the first small step that you are going to take to get started on your journey to your new life of doing what you love.

It can be as small as getting a journal and writing down some goals. You will be amazed at what a small action like this can do to change the course of your life.