How I Write my Blog Posts

This is a brief explanation of how I write my blog posts. I am definitely not an expert at writing. I had to get my Mum to write my essays for effective writing for commerce at varsity. The lecturer got so excited. She said I was her most talented student she had had in 30 years (well done Mum). Then I got a terrible mark in my exam and my lecturer was very disappointed.

How I write my blog posts DM with Karl Karl Oftebro

Step 1 I decide to Write (Check)
Step 2 I get distracted (Check random story above)
Step 3 I create an outline with sub headings
Step 4 fill in the gaps

As you can see it just king of wing it as I go. What I have decided is I would rather start and get it wrong learn from it improve and then do it again just better. Than not take action and be overcome by fear. I used to let my nemesis fear dominate me. Not anymore.


I now know that it is more important for me to take action and fail faster so that I can reach my dream sooner. If you aren’t struggling then its not worth it.


Writing is not easy. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.


What I will tell you is the people around you. Your friends and family that you think will judge you. They are actually the ones that will enjoy your writing the most. They will be the ones that will be your most loyal readers. So don’t let them down.


To all the writers out there thinking of getting started be bold and just do it!

Get out there and start writing today, I promise you you will thank me for giving you the push.

Create an Outline (Step 3)

By giving yourself an outline you will know exactly what you want your readers to get out of reading your post.

For example I want the readers of this post to get motivated and inspired to write, help them make writing a blog post look simple enough that they start and don’t put off starting a writing habit and enjoy reading my post maybe even get a smile out of them.

This is how I outlined this blog Post

Blog Post Title: How I write Blog posts

The title must be eye catching and intriguing to capture the attention of the reading and get them to want to read the article.

Sub Headings

Step 1 I decide to Write (Check)
Step 2 I get distracted (Check random story above)
Step 3 I create an outline with sub headings
Step 4 fill in the gaps

Conclusion : Just Start Writing

There is no secret ingredient to writing. You just have to get started.

The best tip I can give you is to break up the task into small enough pieces so it seems really easy and simple to complete. Trick yourself into thinking that its not that bad and then you will just get it done because you think it is easy.

If you were looking for some amazing guidance from a great writer sorry I disapointed but if you are looking for a truthful story of a guy who quit his job to follow his dream then you came to the right place. I love to share my story with my readers and help them start their own side hustle to take them a step closer to their dreams.

If you are interested in creating your own blog I have created a free video course to get you up and running as quickly as possible click here to get started.