Starting your Online Business

The first two steps you need to take when starting your online Business

  1. Define your Customer
  2. Decide on Your Brand Name

Define Your Customer

When you are starting your online business you need to define your customer you will need to understand the Niche that you are going to focus on. You need to think about what problem your customer has, how you can solve it and where your customer will be looking for the solution to their problem.

What is your Customers Problem That you are going to Solve for Them

By defining the problem your customer has you can focus your efforts on helping your customer get the best outcome from the solution you will deliver to them. The value you offer your customer is very important. You need to emphasize with your customers problem and really understand what they are going through and feeling. If you have already experienced this problem them you will understand the persons frustrations much more.

How can you solve this problem

Think about how you can solve your customers problem, the best way to define this solution is if you have first hand experience from solving this problem them you can talk about what you did, what worked for you and what didn’t work for you.

Where will your Customer be looking for a Solution

Understand your customer and find out where they will be looking for their solution will they be searching on Google for a text solution, YouTube for a video solution or will they be looking on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest. If you can understand where they are looking then you can provide your solution on the right platform.

Decide on Your Brand Name

Now that you have defined your customer and know what Niche they are in the next step in starting your online business is to start thinking about your Brand Name.

Some people like to use their personal name as their brand while other like to come up with their own Brand Name that can be separate from them. Think about what will suit you best.

Try and choose a name that is short simple and easy to remember. Think about popular brand names like Nike, Addidas, Coke Cola and Google. Try and choose a name that people can connect with and will leave a lasting impression, a name that speaks to the voice and image of your brand and what you stand for.

Once you have decided on a Brand Name it is time to secure your brand name in the online world, click here to get started claiming the domain name for your brand.

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