How to start a YouTube Channel for Biokineticists in 2019 step by step Guide

Are you a Biokineticist that is looking for a way to leverage the power of online video and create an extra stream of revenue that works harder then you do. Then you need to learn How to start a YouTube channel for Biokineticists in 2019 that will open up new doors of opportunity for you.

YouTube is the best source for free targeted organic traffic online. This guide is going to show you how to get started with your very own YouTube Channel and start making money online.

This guide has been set up to be an easy to follow step by step system to get your YouTube channel set up for success. Before we get started, head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe so that you see all our latest videos that will help you grow your audience online and build an income from your YouTube Channel.

Lets get started building your YouTube Channel

Step 1 Create and Name your Channel

How to start a YouTube channel for Bios step 1 create gmail account

To create your YouTube channel you need a gmail account, if you already have one set up for your personal brand or business brand then great you can skip this step. 

If you don’t have a gmail account yet go to and click create account. 

Once you have got your google account set up head over to and sign in to get started setting up your Youtube channel.

The Big Question

What should I name my channel?

The first decision you need to make is are you going to create a personal brand or a business brand for your YouTube channel. Both have been very successful on YouTube its just up to you what direction you want to take. 

If you still not sure watch this great video from Gary Vee explaining why you should be using your personal Brand.

We decided to use our name in our YouTube channel but with a bit of a twist, so we want it to be personal thats why I used my first name and then mixed it up a bit by using DMwithKarl.

My advice is use your name and create a brand around yourself then if you want to transition your brand later you can.

You can change your channel name later if you would like to but there can be some complications.

The next step in How to start a YouTube Channel for Biokineticists in 2019 is to get your YouTube account verified.

Step 2 Verify your YouTube Channel

This is a very important step that people skip over and then have to come back to later because in order to get access to custom thumbnails, allows you to upload longer video over 15mins, gives you access to add links to external websites in annotations, enables Live Streaming on your channel, gives you access to unlisted & Private Videos.

The most important of all of these is getting access to the custom thumbnails feature. Once we get into more detail we will explain why Custom thumbnails are the most important part of a new video and its success. 

  • Log in to YouTube Account
  • Go to YouTube Studio
  • Enter Creator Studio Classic
  • Head to Status & Features
  • Click on the Verify Button
  • Enter Country Location 
  • Choose a Verification method
  • Enter Phone Number and click Submit
  • Get 6 digit Verification Code on your Phone
  • Enter Verification code

Watch our video here on how to Verify your YouTube Channel

Step 3 Channel Branding

Video works so well because Humans engagement is very visual. 

The first two elements that people will see when they come to your channel page is your channel Icon and your channel art.

To add a channel icon go to your channel settings

To add your channel art go to

This is just the start of How to start a YouTube Channel for Biokineticists in 2019

These are not the only elements that make up the look and feel of your channel in order to make your entire channel more visually appealing you also need to consider

  • Channel Color Scheme
  • Channel Art
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Text Style that you use
  • Animated Logo in Introduction
  • Animated Text in your Videos
  • Animations in Video
  • Color Grading of your video

Step 4 Add your Website and Social Links

Every video that you create needs to have a specific outcome that you want for the viewer. One of them will be for the viewer to visit your website for more information. Another will be for your viewer to find you on other social media platforms and follow you for updates and new content.

To make sure that viewers who want to find your website and social media pages can find them you need to add these links to your YouTube Channel.

To add your Website link go to the top right of your channel art on your channel page and click on the pencil then select edit links. YouTube allows you to add your website and 4 other social media links. 

Step 5 Add Channel Keywords

These keywords will represent you channel focus or your channel Niche. Another way to think about it is what problem are you trying to solve. Then what questions will people with this problem be typing into YouTube to try and find solutions for their problems. These solutions will be what you make your videos about.

These keywords help your channel rank in search when people type in those specific keywords.

For example is your channel about neck and shoulder exercises or are your videos focused on core stability. From your channel focus you can then decide what keywords you would like to display.

You can add these keywords in the advanced section under channel.

Step 6 The About Section of your Channel

The about section is where you can let people know what your channel is all about. What kind of videos you make and what problems you can solve for them. The more specific you are in this section the more people in your target audience will feel like you tailor made the channel just for them and they will turn into loyal subscribers.

To read more about starting a YouTube Channel have a look at our YouTube Quickstart Guide or you can have a look at our latest posts on the DMwithKarl Blog