3 Steps to your First 100 Subscribers

Step 1 Set up your YouTube Channel for Success

In order to get your first 100 subscribers it’s really important that you setup your YouTube channel correctly but you said it up for Success these are the fundamentals of YouTube and it’s really important that you complete every step in this process to get you to your 100 subscribers as quickly as possible.

 We want to setup your YouTube channel to optimise any chance you have of someone subscribing to your channel. The setup is important so that when someone arrives on your channel or watches one of your videos they have opportunities to subscribe to your channel and they know why they want to subscribe to your channel and what you can offer them.

 You want them to know exactly what you offer because you only want subscribers that are actually going to engage with your videos if you get subscribers that don’t engage with your videos Youtube will see this as your viewers not enjoying your videos and it will affect you negatively going forward.

 The first and most important step is to make sure that you create a channel. 

Don’t just think about it. 

Don’t put it off don’t be scared to create your channel. 

Set up a Gmail account head over to YouTube and create a YouTube channel. Once you have your channel created you now need to make it look professional so we need a channel icon and a channel banner. These two pictures are really important because your channel icon will appear in a whole lot of places all over YouTube whenever you comment whenever you post a video whenever you like someone’s video and many more places so choose a channel icon that portrays what your channels about and who you are.

 Your channel banner is more important than you think this is the first thing someone is gonna see when they click on your channel homepage your banner has about 10 seconds to tell them exactly what your channel is about what you can offer them and give them a feel for your channel. So choose your colours wisely, choose your words wisely. Keep it short and to the point. Let’s look at a couple of channel banners as examples to see what makes up a really good channel banner.

 Now I want you to get out there and create your channel banner and create your channel icon and then upload them on to your YouTube channel.

 Complete your about section and add website links and social media links. If someone isn’t sure about subscribing to a YouTube channel, they will click on your about section to find out more about your channel. What you are and what you can offer them. Make sure to write an exciting and enticing about section. Be honest about what your videos are about and what you can offer your audience. Remember we are playing the long-term we want to build an audience online that you can be influential over, that trust you and trust what your videos are about. So be honest tell them exactly what kind of videos you create, how they can help them and how often you are going to release your videos.

 Now we need to verify your YouTube account to do this head over to your status and features click on the blue verify button. Enter your pin number received from YouTube and enter it in to verify your YouTube channel this will give you access to custom thumbnails you’ll be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes and you’ll be able to appeal content ID claims.

 Custom Thumbnails are so important for getting your initial views and getting your subscribers this is what you need to put most of their energy into focus most of your hard work on this and you’ll see that you get more views but creating cool and enticing thumbnails.

 Customise your YouTube homepage if you already have videos on your channel, then you can customise how your home page looks for new visitors and for returning subscribers. This helps your YouTube channel look professional and it helps you increase your views and convert more of your new visitors into subscribers.

 Step 2 -Create opportunities for people to subscribe

 In order to get you to 100 subscribers as quickly as possible we need to give people lots of opportunities to subscribe to your channel setting up your channel professionally will help convert a lot of your subscribers but we also wanna give them lots of other chances to subscribe.

 The first opportunity we gonna give them is we gonna add a watermark to every single video that you upload so little image in the right hand side  of your videos that people can click on to subscribe to your channel.

 Next I want you to ask people to subscribe in every single video you create don’t push it on them. Don’t put them under pressure just ask them if they would like to subscribe. The way we do it is we say, if you enjoyed this video then consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. By asking them you are giving them an invitation to subscribe to your channel.

 Add a comment on every single new video of yours asking people if they enjoyed the video to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

 Add the special link to the description that allows people to click on it and automatically takes them to the subscription confirmation page.

Share this special link on all your social media channels and share it with your friends and family asking them to subscribe.

 Next I want you to start commenting on other people’s videos. Don’t ask them to subscribe but engage in a conversation about their video. Discuss topics that the video is about and start a conversation with people in the comments section. The reason I like to do this is every comment that you put out there is another link back to your channel. If someone has an interesting conversation with you they want to find out more about you and I’ll click on your channel icon and have a look at your channel. This creates another opportunity for people to discover your channel and then subscribe if they like what they see.

 Step 3 – Create videos for your YouTube channel

 This should be a no-brainer. If you want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You need to create videos on a consistent basis. You need to give them a reason to subscribe to your channel. You need to offer them value so that they want to subscribe to your channel and they want to engage with your new videos.

 Creating new content will get you out there will help people discover your channel and give them another opportunity to subscribe

 Focus on creating videos that people actually want to watch that people enjoy watching. Create a video that you would like to watch.

 If you create videos that people want to watch YouTube will reward you they will push your video out and get it in front of more people.

 The 3 key metrics that you need to focus on are: 

  1. Click-Through Rate CTR
  2. Watch Time 
  3. Session Time

 Click-Through Rate is the number of people that click on your video and start watching in comparison to the number of impressions that your video gets.

 Watch time is the amount of time that people spend watching your video.

 Session Time is how long you can retain viewers on YouTube after they have finished watching your video. This is also known as session time this is important because YouTube wants people to stay on their platform for longer the more videos they can keep watching, the more ads YouTube can show them and the more money they can make.

Think of it like this if YouTube Wins you Win.