I decided to quit my corporate job so that I could pursue my dream of starting my own business and creating a life of freedom

I decided I needed to do this before I start a family and take on too much responsibility

That way I am only risking my discomfort and not my wife and kids discomfort.

If i fail then I am the only one that suffers

This is the way I like it

I like to take responsibility for my actions and the choices I make today will determine how my life turns out

I couldn’t continue living a life of not having tried of not having risked it for the biscuit

This is my chance and I took it with both hands


Once you have fully committed there is no turning back

No alternative options

So I decided to burn the Boats

Cross the Rubicon River

Everyone told me I shouldn’t do it

It’s too risky

Why would you throw away 6 years of hard work climbing the corporate ladder?

Once I was committed I knew it was the right thing and once I crossed the river and got felt the sand on the other side I could already feel that I was a new person

I had conquered a fear of the unknown and learnt so much about myself along the way

This was the biggest risk I had ever taken and I was about to mess it all up

Taking the chance

Taking a chance is always a seen as a dangerous things.

I don’t see it that way. I see not taking the chance as more dangerous.

If I didn’t so this now I would not be living true to myself to my heart to what I desisered most in this world

Adventure and Challenge

I want to be tested 

I want to see how far I can push myself out of my comfort zone

Comfort is a dangerous thing.

It will trap you and take hold of you, before you know it the grip on you will be too strong for you to escape from. It will start to squeeze the life out of you. Slowly one inch at a time.

I couldn’t let this happen. Not here not now. 

I needed to do something about it

So I took the chance, Little did I know…

My failed attempt to quit

The fear had already taking a grip on my and I was about to fall flat on my face.

I still remember it like it was just yesterday. I set up a meeting with my Boss to tell him I was going to quit my job.

It was going to be my Birthday present to myself for my 30th Birthday I would give myself the gift of freedom from my corporate Job that had taken a hold of me and was crushing my dreams minute by minute.

I went into the meeting at 8am ready with my rehereased resignation speech

Only to be crushed by fear and doubt

I lost the battle that day

I let fear take hold of my mind and body

Fear is a dangerous Dragon that if we don’t slay will grow bigger and stronger inside of us

I left defeated that day but not without hope 

The hope of my dream still burning strong deep within me.

It may have just been a flicker of light left But I kept it burning and protected it with everything I had left until the time was right 

My second Attempt

It was the 4th March 2018 I set another meeting with my Boss

I had been stocking the fire for 3 months building it inside me until it was strong enough for me to get the courage to attempt quitting my job for the second time

I had missed my 30th Birthday and felt like I had let myself down

I missed the deadline but I still had to try and quit my job and escape the corporate chains that were restraining me from who I had to become.

I walked into the meeting shoulders back and standing tall.

Before my boss could even start I got right to the point.

I am resigning from my position

He looked back at me shocked

I was triumfant. I have never felt that good in all my life

The day I had been dreaming about for 6 years had finally arrived

I quit my Job and took my first step into my new life of Freedom 

How things changed

Freedom opens your eyes to what is possible in this world.

When you are stuck in the 8-5 you always feel busy and always feel rushed

You feel like there is no time to rest

No time to relax and breath in the air around you

No time to experience how Beautiful this world really is

Quitting my Job gave me the time to step back and ask the Question

What do I really want to do with my Life?

This is the hardest question I have ever asked myself

It opened up so many doors, yet created so many more questions.

It would take me the better part of my next year to figure all of this out

I like to call it my sabbatical

In this time I found my passion, started my business

Met the girl of my dreams

And started living a life of True Freedom

What it’s like now

Freedom What it is actually like.

Freedom to me is having control over my time, What I do with it, who I spend it with, Where I can spend it.

Time is the most precious resource and yet we use it so badly

I may not be as rich in monetary terms as I used to be but I am living a richer life

I am more Healthy, Happy and excited about living every single day than I have been in the last 10 years.

Taking that chance quitting my Job and exposing myself to the new possibilities of a new life of Freedom was the best thing I have ever done. The best 30th Birthday present I could have given myself, even if it was a bit late. Better late than never.

If you are thinking of taking a leap of faith but you are not sure, or you have some questions you would like to ask me drop me a mail at karl@dmwithkarl.com or send me a DM on social media. I will be happy to chat to you and give you some advice from my experience.