I want to tell you exactly what I did to get 1000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. I will also tell you exactly what you can do to get the same results in less time.

I wanted to do this myself before I wrote this guide on how you can get 1000 youtube subscribers because I wanted to prove that I could get the result before I tell other people to do it. So thats what I did, I went out and got my YouTube channel going and got the result.

It took me 9 months to get to 1000 subscribers from 0. Starting from scratch. Most people don’t do this. They started their YouTube channel 10 years ago and then they try and teach people how to get started today. Its different now and the game has changed. Thats why I want to give you the tactics that are current and relevant for you so that I can do my best to help you get your YouTube channel started and making money online.

This is what worked for my youtube channel

Focus your Videos 

Narrow down your target audience and the problem you are solving for them.

Don’t try and make videos for everyone, make videos that slove a specific problem for a specific type of person. I created 2 videos that made the biggest impact on my channel. Yes just 2 videos. This is the 80/20 rule on steroids. I published more that 100 videos and 2 of them were responsible for 80% of the views and 80% of my subscribers.

All you need to do is find the 2 videos that will work for your channel.

My 2 videos were How to verify your youtube channel and How to enable custom thumbnails on Youtube. Think about these 2 videos and why they were successful for me.

The competition was low and the demand was high

Everyone wanted to know how to solve this problem but not a lot of creators were creating videos to help solve this problem.

When I created a video that was the best solution out there, Youtube quickly recognised this and started showing my video to more and more people searching for a solution to this problem.

This is how I got my initial views and built up trust with YouTube so they would start showing more of my videos to more and more people.

Use a tool like TubeBuddy or VidIQ to help you check what the competition is like for specific search terms stay clear of video topics that are very competitive espicially when you are first starting out it is very important to focus on low competition topics. If you don’t do this your video will get lost in the deep deep ocean of YouTube videos that don’t get surfaced to viewers and then end up never getting any views. If you want to see an example of this go back and look at some of the first videos I created on my channel, some of them still only have 3 or 4 views. Its really funny to go back and look at these but they are a great example of how your videos can get buried in competitive topics.

Create lots of Videos

Don’t try be perfect. This is a big one. When you are first starting out your videos won’t be the best so you need to accept this and just try and make as many videos as you can as quickly as possible this will help you get better faster. I did this when I first started I created and published 90 videos in 90 days. This got me past the initial phase of being awkward on camera and not know how to edit videos properly. With practice you will get better, Just don’t let being perfect stop you from publishing videos.

Do your Keyword research

Research your video topics before your create your video. This is probably the most important tactic. You must do your keyword research before your hit record. When you are first starting out its so important to create videos for topics that have low competition. If the competition is too high YouTube will never show your video to anyone. Use tools like Tubebuddy and VidIQ to check the competitiveness of search terms and then decide what you are going to make your video about. You want to find video topics with a bit of search volume so there is a consistent demand and as low competition as you can find.

Write good Titles

Take the time to write a good title for your video. This is very important. Your title will help tell YouTube what your video is about so be sure to include your target keyword in it but also make it interesting so people what to click on your video and watch it. Don’t make your titles the same as everyone elses otherwise no one will want to click on yours because it is the same as everyone elses.

Create Great Thumbnails

Create clickable thumbnails that stand out from the crowd. Have a look at sone of the thumbnails on the videos for your target keyword and then create a thumbnail that will stand out from the rest of them on the page. This will help increase your click through rate and get you more views and more subscribers in the end.

Craft your Hook

The first 15 seconds of your video is the most important. You need to capture your viewers attention and convince the to keep watching your video all in the first 15 seconds. This doesn’t give you much time so be strategic about what you say and what imagery you use at the start of your video. Create some curiosity about the content in your video and get them excited to watch more. 

These results are all thanks to what Sean taught me in Video Ranking Academy. I cannot thank you enough Sean you have really given me such valuable skills that will keep making me money online.

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