How to Create a
WordPress Website in South Africa

Have you always wanted to know how to create a wordpress website in South Africa the easy way?

We know that it can be scary trying to create a website especially in South Africa and if you aren’t a programmer or technical person. You are not the only one that feels this way. We have had so many people ask us What is the easy way to create a wordpress website. So we decided to create this Free online course and complement it with this comprehensive step by step checklist to guide your through the process of creating your very own Website without having to learn any coding.


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The step by step system is easy to follow no matter what your technical knowledge is like. However if you do need help please feel free to contact me, our team can also set up your website for you for a fee depending on your needs. If you want to fast forward through this process to get your website up and running quickly. So you can get going with your business please contact us on the above email. We will get in contact with you to discuss your needs.

Step by Step
How to create a WordPress Website
in South Africa

3 Steps to get you started

Step 1. Get a Domain Name

Step 2. Set up Web Hosting

Step 3. Less than an hour to set up your WordPress Website


We have created a video to show the step by step website creation process, if you prefer videos this is for you. If you prefer reading the steps you can continue with the blog post below

Step 1 Get Your Domain name
Step 2 Set Up Hosting

How to create a WordPress Website with Hostgator.


We are going to use Hostgator to set up our Web Hosting, we have arranged a special deal for our community from hostgator if you follow this link you will get a discount on your first months hosting.

Please note we earn an affiliate commission from this link which allows us to create these courses and content for you for free.

Once the Hostgator Page has loaded Click on the orange Get Started Button in the middle of the page.


You will then arrive at the Shared Web Hosting Page with the following Three Options Shown Below

  1. Hatchling Plan
  2. Baby Plan
  3. Business Plan

For now to get us started the Hatchling Plan will be adequate for how to create your first wordpress website

If you would like to upgrade at a later stage to get the benefits of the more expensive packages you can do the upgrade when you would like to add more domains or need some of the additional features.

Set up Web Hosting for your WordPress Website
Select Your Free Domain Name

1. Choose Your Domain Name

When you open a new account with hostgator you can also get your domain name at the same time.

Under Number 1. Choose a Domain at the top of the page select the domain name you want, remember we want to select a .com if it is available, the .com is more recognized and easier to rank on Google, if it isn’t available then you can try a new name or another TLD

Choose Your Hosting Plan

2. Choose Your Hosting Plan

Package Type – Select the Hatchling Plan

Billing Cycle, this is up to you if you can afford a longer cycle of 12, 24 or 36 months you do receive a good discount for paying upfront, however to get you started we recommend the 1 month option to keep your costs low when starting out. We will tell you more about the coupon code you can use the get a good discount on your first month below.

Enter a username that is available and select a security pin

Enter Your Billing Info

3. Enter Your Billing Information

Fill in all the information required to open your account

Email, Name, Company, Phone, Address, Country, Zip Code, City and your payment details remember to keep all this information secure.

Add Additional Services

4. Add Additional Services

Do not select any of the additional services we do not need these to get you started

Hostgator Discount Coupon Code DMWITHKARL

5. Enter Your Coupon Code DMWITHKARL

To get the full discount available enter the coupon code DMWITHKARL and click Validate.

See the above screenshot for the Order details before the validation of the coupon code.

Make sure that the Hosting Addons are not selected at the bottom of section 1, scroll to the top and the page and make sure this box is unticked as you can see in the below screenshot Hostgator tends to tick this by default, go back and check that you have unticked this box.

Untick Add Ons

6. Review Your Order Details

Once you have unticked the box review your order details it should look like the below screenshot with a total of $12.96

Domain name $12.95

Hosting $0.01 after the coupon discount – DMWITHKARL

Set up Web Hosting for your WordPress Website

Once you have the correct discounted total, agree to the terms and select checkout now.


If you would like to use Bluehost Click here and you can follow a similar sign up process as above.

Congratulations you have finished the first two steps of How to Create a WordPress Website just one more step left keep going.


Step 3 Set up Your WordPress Website

We cover all of these steps in detail in our Free Online Course, to get access to this course click here.


  • Install WordPress
  • Check for WordPress Updates
  • Install a Theme
  • Delete Sample Pages
  • Add New Pages
  • Customize your Website
  • Create Your Home Page
  • Make Your Website Responsive
  • Create About Page
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What our Students have to say


Not being the most IT savvy person, Karl explained it in a way that was not only easy to follow but easy to understand.  No more swearing at the laptop but practical steps that made sense to me and gave me the output that I wanted. Can’t recommend this enough if you want to be guided through something that can easily frustrate you. This has saved me hours of time and is brilliant



“I found this course to be extremely helpful. the detailed yet clear and easy to follow instructions assist in allowing one to understand each building step. Thank you for this amazing course.”



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Get Started Making Your Own Website

Today is the best time to start something new, don’t put it off to tomorrow because tomorrow will drift away from you, take the first step towards making your idea a reality now

Get Started Making Your Own Website

Today is the best time to start something new, don’t put it off to tomorrow because tomorrow will drift away from you, take the first step towards making your idea a reality now