This Secret Formula for Custom Thumbnails (Free Cheatsheet) will get you More Views


The secret formula to custom thumbnails in this video I’m gonna share with you our special free cheatsheet on how to create custom thumbnails that will increase your click-through-rate and get you more views on your YouTube channel. You can click on the link in the description below to download your very own custom thumbnails […]

How to Get your First 100 Subscribers on YouTube in 2020


3 Steps to your First 100 Subscribers Step 1 Set up your YouTube Channel Step 2 Create Opportunities for People to Subscribe Step 3 Create Videos People want to watch Step 1 Set up your YouTube Channel for Success In order to get your first 100 subscribers it’s really important that you setup your YouTube […]

The simple way to start a successful youtube channel for beginners

The Simple Way To Start A Successful Youtube Channel For Beginners DMwithKarl

YouTube is a great platform for you to start a successful youtube channel when you are just starting out you need to focus on a few simple things. If you create videos that people want to watch then you will get views on your youtube videos.  The problem that most people face when they are […]

YouTube Keyword Research

YouTube Keyword Research

2. YouTube Keyword Research What is Keyword Research Keyword Research is a way to discover what people are searching for on YouTube, they will also discover the number of searches for each of those keywords. If you perform keyword research the right way you will discover which niche keywords will be options for you to […]

YouTube Ranking Factors

YouTube DM with Karl

1. Ranking Factors Understanding YouTube Ranking factors is the foundation to starting a great YouTube Channel and getting viewers to watch your videos. Follow along with this step by step process to get you started ranking your videos in Youtube Search. Video SEO Ranking Factors Keyword Research How its different to blog based keyword research […]