How I Quit my Corporate Job to Start Living a Life of Freedom

I decided to quit my corporate job so that I could pursue my dream of starting my own business and creating a life of freedom

I decided I needed to do this before I start a family and take on too much responsibility

That way I am only risking my discomfort and not my wife and kids discomfort.

If i fail then I am the only one that suffers

This is the way I like it

I like to take responsibility for my actions and the choices I make today will determine how my life turns out

I couldn’t continue living a life of not having tried of not having risked it for the biscuit

This is my chance and I took it with both hands


Once you have fully committed there is no turning back

No alternative options

So I decided to burn the Boats

Cross the Rubicon River

Everyone told me I shouldn’t do it

It’s too risky

Why would you throw away 6 years of hard work climbing the corporate ladder?

Once I was committed I knew it was the right thing and once I crossed the river and got felt the sand on the other side I could already feel that I was a new person

I had conquered a fear of the unknown and learnt so much about myself along the way

This was the biggest risk I had ever taken and I was about to mess it all up

Taking the chance

Taking a chance is always a seen as a dangerous things.

I don’t see it that way. I see not taking the chance as more dangerous.

If I didn’t so this now I would not be living true to myself to my heart to what I desisered most in this world

Adventure and Challenge

I want to be tested 

I want to see how far I can push myself out of my comfort zone

Comfort is a dangerous thing.

It will trap you and take hold of you, before you know it the grip on you will be too strong for you to escape from. It will start to squeeze the life out of you. Slowly one inch at a time.

I couldn’t let this happen. Not here not now. 

I needed to do something about it

So I took the chance, Little did I know…

My failed attempt to quit

The fear had already taking a grip on my and I was about to fall flat on my face.

I still remember it like it was just yesterday. I set up a meeting with my Boss to tell him I was going to quit my job.

It was going to be my Birthday present to myself for my 30th Birthday I would give myself the gift of freedom from my corporate Job that had taken a hold of me and was crushing my dreams minute by minute.

I went into the meeting at 8am ready with my rehereased resignation speech

Only to be crushed by fear and doubt

I lost the battle that day

I let fear take hold of my mind and body

Fear is a dangerous Dragon that if we don’t slay will grow bigger and stronger inside of us

I left defeated that day but not without hope 

The hope of my dream still burning strong deep within me.

It may have just been a flicker of light left But I kept it burning and protected it with everything I had left until the time was right 

My second Attempt

It was the 4th March 2018 I set another meeting with my Boss

I had been stocking the fire for 3 months building it inside me until it was strong enough for me to get the courage to attempt quitting my job for the second time

I had missed my 30th Birthday and felt like I had let myself down

I missed the deadline but I still had to try and quit my job and escape the corporate chains that were restraining me from who I had to become.

I walked into the meeting shoulders back and standing tall.

Before my boss could even start I got right to the point.

I am resigning from my position

He looked back at me shocked

I was triumfant. I have never felt that good in all my life

The day I had been dreaming about for 6 years had finally arrived

I quit my Job and took my first step into my new life of Freedom 

How things changed

Freedom opens your eyes to what is possible in this world.

When you are stuck in the 8-5 you always feel busy and always feel rushed

You feel like there is no time to rest

No time to relax and breath in the air around you

No time to experience how Beautiful this world really is

Quitting my Job gave me the time to step back and ask the Question

What do I really want to do with my Life?

This is the hardest question I have ever asked myself

It opened up so many doors, yet created so many more questions.

It would take me the better part of my next year to figure all of this out

I like to call it my sabbatical

In this time I found my passion, started my business

Met the girl of my dreams

And started living a life of True Freedom

What it’s like now

Freedom What it is actually like.

Freedom to me is having control over my time, What I do with it, who I spend it with, Where I can spend it.

Time is the most precious resource and yet we use it so badly

I may not be as rich in monetary terms as I used to be but I am living a richer life

I am more Healthy, Happy and excited about living every single day than I have been in the last 10 years.

Taking that chance quitting my Job and exposing myself to the new possibilities of a new life of Freedom was the best thing I have ever done. The best 30th Birthday present I could have given myself, even if it was a bit late. Better late than never.

If you are thinking of taking a leap of faith but you are not sure, or you have some questions you would like to ask me drop me a mail at [email protected] or send me a DM on social media. I will be happy to chat to you and give you some advice from my experience.


How I got 1000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel DMwithKarl

I want to tell you exactly what I did to get 1000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. I will also tell you exactly what you can do to get the same results in less time.

I wanted to do this myself before I wrote this guide on how you can get 1000 youtube subscribers because I wanted to prove that I could get the result before I tell other people to do it. So thats what I did, I went out and got my YouTube channel going and got the result.

It took me 9 months to get to 1000 subscribers from 0. Starting from scratch. Most people don’t do this. They started their YouTube channel 10 years ago and then they try and teach people how to get started today. Its different now and the game has changed. Thats why I want to give you the tactics that are current and relevant for you so that I can do my best to help you get your YouTube channel started and making money online.

This is what worked for my youtube channel

Focus your Videos 

Narrow down your target audience and the problem you are solving for them.

Don’t try and make videos for everyone, make videos that slove a specific problem for a specific type of person. I created 2 videos that made the biggest impact on my channel. Yes just 2 videos. This is the 80/20 rule on steroids. I published more that 100 videos and 2 of them were responsible for 80% of the views and 80% of my subscribers.

All you need to do is find the 2 videos that will work for your channel.

My 2 videos were How to verify your youtube channel and How to enable custom thumbnails on Youtube. Think about these 2 videos and why they were successful for me.

The competition was low and the demand was high

Everyone wanted to know how to solve this problem but not a lot of creators were creating videos to help solve this problem.

When I created a video that was the best solution out there, Youtube quickly recognised this and started showing my video to more and more people searching for a solution to this problem.

This is how I got my initial views and built up trust with YouTube so they would start showing more of my videos to more and more people.

Use a tool like TubeBuddy or VidIQ to help you check what the competition is like for specific search terms stay clear of video topics that are very competitive espicially when you are first starting out it is very important to focus on low competition topics. If you don’t do this your video will get lost in the deep deep ocean of YouTube videos that don’t get surfaced to viewers and then end up never getting any views. If you want to see an example of this go back and look at some of the first videos I created on my channel, some of them still only have 3 or 4 views. Its really funny to go back and look at these but they are a great example of how your videos can get buried in competitive topics.

Create lots of Videos

Don’t try be perfect. This is a big one. When you are first starting out your videos won’t be the best so you need to accept this and just try and make as many videos as you can as quickly as possible this will help you get better faster. I did this when I first started I created and published 90 videos in 90 days. This got me past the initial phase of being awkward on camera and not know how to edit videos properly. With practice you will get better, Just don’t let being perfect stop you from publishing videos.

Do your Keyword research

Research your video topics before your create your video. This is probably the most important tactic. You must do your keyword research before your hit record. When you are first starting out its so important to create videos for topics that have low competition. If the competition is too high YouTube will never show your video to anyone. Use tools like Tubebuddy and VidIQ to check the competitiveness of search terms and then decide what you are going to make your video about. You want to find video topics with a bit of search volume so there is a consistent demand and as low competition as you can find.

Write good Titles

Take the time to write a good title for your video. This is very important. Your title will help tell YouTube what your video is about so be sure to include your target keyword in it but also make it interesting so people what to click on your video and watch it. Don’t make your titles the same as everyone elses otherwise no one will want to click on yours because it is the same as everyone elses.

Create Great Thumbnails

Create clickable thumbnails that stand out from the crowd. Have a look at sone of the thumbnails on the videos for your target keyword and then create a thumbnail that will stand out from the rest of them on the page. This will help increase your click through rate and get you more views and more subscribers in the end.

Craft your Hook

The first 15 seconds of your video is the most important. You need to capture your viewers attention and convince the to keep watching your video all in the first 15 seconds. This doesn’t give you much time so be strategic about what you say and what imagery you use at the start of your video. Create some curiosity about the content in your video and get them excited to watch more. 

These results are all thanks to what Sean taught me in Video Ranking Academy. I cannot thank you enough Sean you have really given me such valuable skills that will keep making me money online.

Special Coupon for VRA

I want to offer you a special opportunity to get an extra bonus when you buy Video Ranking Academy. I am creating a support group for students that join VRA through my affiliate link. You will get 1 support call a month with me where you can ask me any questions you have to do with YouTube or to do with the VRA course. You will also get access to a bonus Facebook group where you can ask me questions and interact with other students. You will also get direct access to me on email where you can send me mails whenever you get stuck or need help with anything. If you would like to get access to this special bonus then click here to join Video Ranking Academy

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12 YouTube Tools to Grow your YouTube Channel in 2019

12 YouTube Tools to Grow your YouTube Channel in 2019

YouTube is the most amazing platform because it is free. The second reason why it is so amazing is it is the second biggest search engine behind Google. Thats why I am sharing with you the 12 YouTube tools to grow your YouTube channel in 2019.

12 YouTube Tools to Grow your YouTube Channel in 2019

People come to youtube every single day searching for answers

But the Real Question is

Do you want to be part of the solution?

Do you want to become a creator?


Today is the best opportunity we have ever had to become a creator and start making videos for people all over the world.

I have been making videos on YouTube for just over a year now and here are some of the tools that have helped me create videos, optimize videos and promote my videos and channel to my audience.

Planning Videos I use Evernote and Google Docs


Evernote is the best digital note book I have used. Its like always having a small notebook on you. The great thing is I can use it on my laptop or on my phone. I can clip blog articles I want to read later with the webclipper and I can save important emails right into my notes. The organization within evernote is so cool, you can have different notebooks and then you can use tags on each note so that you can just search for them later. The search function is my favourite because sometimes you don’t remember where you saved a note and what the tags were that you used. No problem evernote searches all the text in every note to find the one you are looking for. There is a free version and you can upgrade to a paid version with added benefits

Sign up for the free version of Evernote here

Google Docs

I use Google docs over microsoft work because it keeps all my work online. So no matter where I am I can log on to anyones computer or phone and access all my work. With me working remotely this is just a treat. Once you move over to google docs you wont go back to microsoft word. Your Google Docs will then sync to your drive while you are working so you never lose any work.

Google Drive

Organization I use Google drive to organize all of my planning and scriping of my videos and blog posts. I also do all of my research and keyword planning with google docs and organize this in folders on Google Drive. The great thing about google drive is I can access it from any device. Even if I don’t have my phone on me I can access my drive from some elses phone or laptop by logging in to my account.

Keyword Research I use VidIQ, Keywords Everywhere, TubeBuddy and MorningFame


VidIQ is my favourite plugin for YouTube because it gives you so much information on the screen that you are on in Youtube. From the keyword research data within youtube search where you can see the search volume and the competition for a specific keyword while you are searching. The individual video information you get when you are watching a video, it shows you the videos velocity, the SEO score and so much more. If you want to know more about VidIQ watch my full video on it here

Or if you are ready to sign up for the free account click here

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a great free tool that shows you the search volume for each search term right under the search bar. Even though it is mainly focused on Google searches it still works pretty well for YouTube and hey its free. You can get it here


TubeBuddy is a great Plugin for YouTube but it can take a while to learn how to use it properly so that you get the most out of it because it has a lot of features. Once you know where they all are and how to use them its such a great tool. My most used feature is in the comments section you can filter your comments by the ones you haven’t replied to, I find this saves so much time for me.

Here is a video going into details all about how to use TubeBuddy


Morning Fame is such a great tool to have because it takes all the data from your videos and organises it into more visual concise graphics that at a glance you can see what you need to know about your videos and your channel. I have only recently started using this tool and only starting to see now how powerful it is, my favourite feature about it is that it tells you if each videos is helping grow your channel or not so you know what kind of videos you should be creating. Here is a video going into more detail on Morning fame.


Video Creation I use Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Audition

Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom and Audition

I use Premiere pro to edit all of my videos, I use Audition to edit the audio in my videos and then i use lightroom and photoshop to create epic thumbnails that people want to click on so that I get more views. The Adobe tools are expensive since they changes to a monthly subscription but they are the best tools out there and if you are serious about becoming successful on YouTube and you understand how powerful the thumbnails are for your videos then you will start using photoshop to up your thumbnail game. Just by increasing the quality of your Thumbnails you can drastically increase the click through rate on your videos and increase your views which will help you get more watch time.

Email Marketing I use ConvertKit


I use Convertkit for all my emails letting my subscribers know when i have released a new video and where they can find it. I also send them updates when I have free guides to giveaway. This is the foundation of building a good business and Convertkit is the tool that I have found is the easiest to use.


If you want to get started on YouTube have a look at our YouTube Quickstart Guide or read our latest on our DMwithKarl Blog


How to start a YouTube Channel for Biokineticists in 2019 step by step Guide

How to start a YouTube Channel for Biokineticists in 2019 step by step Guide

Are you a Biokineticist that is looking for a way to leverage the power of online video and create an extra stream of revenue that works harder then you do. Then you need to learn How to start a YouTube channel for Biokineticists in 2019 that will open up new doors of opportunity for you.

YouTube is the best source for free targeted organic traffic online. This guide is going to show you how to get started with your very own YouTube Channel and start making money online.

This guide has been set up to be an easy to follow step by step system to get your YouTube channel set up for success. Before we get started, head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe so that you see all our latest videos that will help you grow your audience online and build an income from your YouTube Channel.

Lets get started building your YouTube Channel

Step 1 Create and Name your Channel

How to start a YouTube channel for Bios step 1 create gmail account

To create your YouTube channel you need a gmail account, if you already have one set up for your personal brand or business brand then great you can skip this step. 

If you don’t have a gmail account yet go to and click create account. 

Once you have got your google account set up head over to and sign in to get started setting up your Youtube channel.

The Big Question

What should I name my channel?

The first decision you need to make is are you going to create a personal brand or a business brand for your YouTube channel. Both have been very successful on YouTube its just up to you what direction you want to take. 

If you still not sure watch this great video from Gary Vee explaining why you should be using your personal Brand.

We decided to use our name in our YouTube channel but with a bit of a twist, so we want it to be personal thats why I used my first name and then mixed it up a bit by using DMwithKarl.

My advice is use your name and create a brand around yourself then if you want to transition your brand later you can.

You can change your channel name later if you would like to but there can be some complications.

The next step in How to start a YouTube Channel for Biokineticists in 2019 is to get your YouTube account verified.

Step 2 Verify your YouTube Channel

This is a very important step that people skip over and then have to come back to later because in order to get access to custom thumbnails, allows you to upload longer video over 15mins, gives you access to add links to external websites in annotations, enables Live Streaming on your channel, gives you access to unlisted & Private Videos.

The most important of all of these is getting access to the custom thumbnails feature. Once we get into more detail we will explain why Custom thumbnails are the most important part of a new video and its success. 

  • Log in to YouTube Account
  • Go to YouTube Studio
  • Enter Creator Studio Classic
  • Head to Status & Features
  • Click on the Verify Button
  • Enter Country Location 
  • Choose a Verification method
  • Enter Phone Number and click Submit
  • Get 6 digit Verification Code on your Phone
  • Enter Verification code

Watch our video here on how to Verify your YouTube Channel

Step 3 Channel Branding

Video works so well because Humans engagement is very visual. 

The first two elements that people will see when they come to your channel page is your channel Icon and your channel art.

To add a channel icon go to your channel settings

To add your channel art go to

This is just the start of How to start a YouTube Channel for Biokineticists in 2019

These are not the only elements that make up the look and feel of your channel in order to make your entire channel more visually appealing you also need to consider

  • Channel Color Scheme
  • Channel Art
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Text Style that you use
  • Animated Logo in Introduction
  • Animated Text in your Videos
  • Animations in Video
  • Color Grading of your video

Step 4 Add your Website and Social Links

Every video that you create needs to have a specific outcome that you want for the viewer. One of them will be for the viewer to visit your website for more information. Another will be for your viewer to find you on other social media platforms and follow you for updates and new content.

To make sure that viewers who want to find your website and social media pages can find them you need to add these links to your YouTube Channel.

To add your Website link go to the top right of your channel art on your channel page and click on the pencil then select edit links. YouTube allows you to add your website and 4 other social media links. 

Step 5 Add Channel Keywords

These keywords will represent you channel focus or your channel Niche. Another way to think about it is what problem are you trying to solve. Then what questions will people with this problem be typing into YouTube to try and find solutions for their problems. These solutions will be what you make your videos about.

These keywords help your channel rank in search when people type in those specific keywords.

For example is your channel about neck and shoulder exercises or are your videos focused on core stability. From your channel focus you can then decide what keywords you would like to display.

You can add these keywords in the advanced section under channel.

Step 6 The About Section of your Channel

The about section is where you can let people know what your channel is all about. What kind of videos you make and what problems you can solve for them. The more specific you are in this section the more people in your target audience will feel like you tailor made the channel just for them and they will turn into loyal subscribers.

To read more about starting a YouTube Channel have a look at our YouTube Quickstart Guide or you can have a look at our latest posts on the DMwithKarl Blog 


VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension

VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension

VidIQ vision Chrome Extension is an amazing tool that you can use to help you analyze information on YouTube about keyword search volume, competition for a specific keyword and find out metrics about specific videos and why they are popular or not so popular. 

It is such a great tool because it is so easy to get started all you need to do is sign up for a free account at 

If you want to learn more about YouTube have a look at our blog and our Free YouTube Quickstart Guide

Enter your name, email address and a password and you are ready to install the chrome extension. 

How to Install VidIQ

To get this plugin go to Chrome Web Store to install the chrome extension


Or you can go to and click Install Chrome Extension

Once you have the extension Installed you will see the small IQ in the top right of your screen, click on it to log in to your VidIQ account that you created in step 1 

When you click on it this drop down should appear

Enter your email and Password and log into your VidIQ Account

Once you are logged in you will see this dashboard

This Dashboard will give you access to lots of shortcuts for your YouTube channel

You can access YouTube Shortcuts

  • YouTube Home Page
  • YouTube Studio Dashboard
  • YouTube Upload Page
  • My Videos
  • Playlists
  • Comments
  • Messages
  • Subscribers
  • And YouTube Studio Analytics

VidIQ Shortcuts

  • Analytics
  • Videos
  • VidIQ Competition Score

And then all the Additional Features you get when you upgrade to VidIQ Pro and VidIQ Boost

VidIQ Extension Tools on YouTube

VidIQ Keyword Search Toolbar

Shows you the highest views and average views for the keyword. The average subscribers of the creators ranking for this term. How many were added in the last 7 days. How many videos have closed captions. What the average age of the videos are. Number of times the keyword is in the title. Number of times the keyword is in the description. Who the top creator is.

The best part about this tool is the Keyword Score.

This tells you the VidIQ search volume score out of 100 and the VidIQ competition score out of 100.

The tool also shows you other related tp search keywords. If you want access to more keyword suggestions then you can upgrade to VidIQ Pro.

VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension Individual Video Analysis

When you have VidIQ installed and you are logged in when you open a video you will see this VidIQ Tab pop up next to the video showing you some great information. Lets break it down

The first thing you will see is the Overview showing you the VidIQ score, this is based on the video popularity and views relative to other videos on YouTube. The number is out of 100 and is an indication of the percentile that the video is performing in.

The views per hour shows you how many views you are getting every hour this is also known as video velocity and is an important metric to measure in the first hour and first 48 hours of each video.

On the right you have the total views counter.

The hidden features that are revealed when you upgrade are the subscriptions driven, subscription views and average view duration. Top devices that have viewed the video as well as the top countries, if you want to see these features you can upgrade your VidIQ account.


The engagement rate is measured as the number of people that engage with your video as a percentage of the total views.

The like ratio is the number of likes vs dislikes. How many like your video has on the Facebook embed. How many Reddit upvotes, comments and posts your video has. The number of followers on the channels Instagram account.

VidIQ SEO Score

The VidIQ SEO score is an indication of how well your video is optimized for search and how well it is performing. The actionable SEO score is made up from the tag count, tag volume, keywords in the title, keywords in the description and triple keywords. 

Next to the SEO score we have the number of suggested videos from the creator, then the number of words in the description

Below this we have the number of end screens at the end of the video, the number of links in the description and lastly the number of external referring links to the video. The hidden data are the YouTube Search Views, Suggested Views and referred views.






Compare Views in the first 28 days

This is a new tab and allows you to compare the views on the video you are watching to your channel average or to another video.

Video Optimization Checklist

This is very useful to check that you have done everything that you can to optimize your video on YouTube. I use this checklist while I am uploading the video and then use it here to check I have done everything I can to give the video the best possible chance. 


This gives all the stats for the YouTube channel or creator of the video, it shows you Total views for the channel, average daily views, which country the creator is from. How many views they have on the channel in the last 30 days. The total number of subscribers, the average new daily subscribers. How many new subscribers they have got in the last 30 days. Then finally the subscriber rank and view rank.

VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension Video Tags

This will show you all of the video tags and where the video ranks for each tag. This is a great way to get a quick indication of how well the video is ranking in YouTube search for the tags you have chosen.


This is the topics that you have chosen for the video. Think of them like categories.

Channel Tags

I am not sure why our channel tags are not showing but this section will normally show the tags for the channel and these are nice to compare to the video tags and see how relevant they actually are. 


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How to define your Target Audience for Youtube


YouTube Quickstart Guide

YouTube Quickstart Guide

This YouTube quickstart guide will help you get starting creating your Youtube Channel and building your audience online. We want you get get started with your channel as quickly and easily as possible thats why we put together this guide for you to help you find your way in the YouTube world. Good luck on getting started just be reading this guide you are already ahead of the competition if you put in the work you will be a successful YouTuber quicker than you think.

DMwithKarl YouTube Quickstart Guide

Channel Target Audience

Channel Focus is what makes your channel feel like it was hand made for your viewer and is one of the most important parts of the YouTube Quickstart Guide

The core elements of your Channel focus are

Type of Videos

Your Personality

Video Style

Why is it important to start with a Focus for your channel?

Creating videos that are focused for your specific target audience will help you grab attention with your first few videos.

More than 400 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you want to stand out in this massive ocean of videos you need to be very specific who your audience is that you are creating videos for.

YouTube is very crowded place. By focusing your videos on specific people in a specific audience you will make it easier for them to find you.

How to Define your Target Audience

The most important question you must answer before your even start creating your YouTube Channel is Who is my Channel for?

If you don’t answer this question in the most detail that you can, you will battle to capture an audience on YouTube

We have created a Guide to help you define your Audience using questions that will help you drill down until you are specific enough with your defined audience.

Clarify your target audience in the YouTube Quickstart Guide

Who is your YouTube channel and content for?

Define your Customer Avatar

Name, Sex & Age _______________________________________________

What is their Problem ____________________________________________

How can you solve it _____________________________________________

Demographics __________________________________________________

Life situation they are in (That relates to their problem)___________________


Real Life Limitations that they experience _____________________________


Unique language terms and phrases that they use about their problem ______


Clarify your content

What kind of content will you publish

How do these videos serve your audience

How often do you publish?



I post weekly videos that ________

What is your mission?

Communicate your mission

What is your why?

Write down 5 reasons why you are doing this

  1. _____________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________

5. _____________________________________________________

Alpha M YouTube Channel

Become Valuable using the YouTube Quickstart Guide

How do you become valuable, you deliver value to your Target Audience

In order to do this you need to clearly define the kind of value you are going to deliver

You need to understand your value proposition that will differentiate you

Does your Channel

Help men become more confident in front of women

Help Women lose weight before their wedding

Help Varsity Students study better for exams

What type of videos are you going to make?

Education or Entertainment

Entertainment videos such as vlogs or inspirational videos do well on YouTube because people are used to being entertained by movies and series on TV and they view YouTube as a similar platform.

Educational videos can be How to Videos or Tutorials like How to bake a cake or they could be interview videos where you interview interesting people that share their knowledge like Joe Rogan and Tom Bilyeu.

Tom Bilyeu

Think about which type of videos will help you deliver the most value to your audience, when going through the YouTube Quickstart Guide always stay focused on what is best for the viewer and not what is best for you.

For our Channel thats How to videos and Tutorial videos showing step by step how to do something. This solves a very specific problem that someone is searching for and assists in keeping the video super relevant which is what YouTube wants.

How Often will you make Videos

You need to define how often you are going to upload videos to your YouTube channel so that you have a schedule that you can stick to.

YouTube rewards creators that publish videos on a consistent basis. I normally recommend you start with publishing at least 1 video per week. If you can do 2 or 3 a week that’s even better. The more video you do the faster you will improve the value that you deliver in the videos and the faster your channel will grow.

Don’t overestimate your capacity and energy to make videos. If you want to create a new video every single day like Gary Vee you can do that. I tried it and it was a real challenge but it helped me grow my channel and get better at creating videos. You don’t have to publish a new video every single day to be successful there are lots of channel that only post a video once every two weeks and once every month and that works for them.

If you are just starting out chances are your videos probably won’t be Hollywood quality so that’s why I recommend you start with 1 video a week so you can start getting used to creating videos.

Channel Sections / Categories

Channel Sections help you organize your Channel Home Page and display the videos you want to show returning subscribers and which ones you want to show new visitors.

You can customize the two pages one for New visitors and one for Returning Subscribers.

This is so important and is often overlooked by new Channels

If you can organize your videos into the right kind of categories you will help your channel style and you will get more views because people know exactly where to find everything.

Look at Peter Mckinnon Channel 

At the top he shows you his masterpiece the Bucket Shot video.

Then he has his latest uploads.

Then he shows you his Tutorials which is where he gets most of his views from.

Your channel sections display what your channel is all about.

The 5 most popular channel sections are

Popular uploads

Recent Uploads


Recent Activity

Live Streams

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan YouTube

Have a look at how Noah Kagan has used the sections on his channel to show exactly what his channel is all about. If you get this right you will get more views and subscribers from returning viewers.

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How to Verify Your YouTube Account in 2019

How to Verify Your YouTube Account in 2019

Understanding How to Verify your YouTube Account in 2019 is the first and most important step that you need to take in order to get started creating a successful YouTube Channel. Getting Verified on YouTube gives your the following benefits


  • Enables Custom Thumbnails
  • Allows longer video upload over 15mins
  • Add links to external websites in annotations
  • Enables Live Streaming
  • Unlisted & Private Videos


To get verified you need a mobile number where google will send you a verification code via text or voice call that you can then use to verify your YouTube Channel.

Steps on How to Verify your YouTube Account in 2019

Step 1 Log in to YouTube Account

Step 2 Go to YouTube Studio

Step 3 Enter Creator Studio Classic

Step 4 Head to Status & Features

Step 5 Click on the Verify Button

Step 6 Enter Country Location

Step 7 Choose a Verification method

Step 8 Enter Phone Number and click Submit

Step 9 Get 6 digit Verification Code on your Phone

Step 10 Enter Verification code

Step 1 Log in to YouTube Account

Make sure you are logged in to your YouTube Account or Gmail Account

If you are logged in you will see your profile picture in the top right and the gmail address as you hover over it


If you aren’t logged in log in now

Step 2 Go to YouTube Studio

Head over to YouTube Studio

Step 3 Enter Creator Studio Classic

Click on Creator Studio Classic


Click Skip 

Step 4 Head to Status & Features

Click on Status and Features under Channel


Then you will see the verify button next to your channel


Now a lot of people in my last video had problems getting to this step

If you are battling to get here, here are some tips you can use


Shortcut 1 just type into your url


The second option is to head straight to the verify page enter

Into your URL 

Step 5 Click on the Verify Button

Follow the prompts to verify your channel 

Step 6 Enter your Country Location

Select your country from the dropdown list

Step 7 Choose a Verification method

Choose between a voice message and a text message

Step 8 Enter Phone Number and click Submit

Enter your phone number and click submit to go to the next step

Step 9 Get 6 digit Verification Code on your Phone

Enter the verification code and click submit

Step 10 Enter Verification code

If you don’t have a mobile number to verify your account with you can watch this video on how to verify your account without a number 


3. YouTube Channel Branding

3. YouTube Channel Branding

The first key to Making sure you have a clear message to send about the Brand of your YouTube channel you need to curate the way people see your brand. You can’t show them everything otherwise they will just get too overwhelmed.

Choose your Box

Your viewers will try to simplify what you stand for. They will put you in a box. I learnt this concept from sean McCabe.


Viewers will put you in a box because they are too lazy to process all of the information your channel has to offer instead that just focus on the necessary.


You are going to be put in a box by every viewer that comes to your channel.

Now you have a choice either you can see this as a bad thing and moan about it or you can understand that viewers will do this whether you like it or not. You can however use this to your advantage and choose what box they are going to put you in.


Be very specific about what you stand for and what your brand is all about. This way you keep control of how viewers perceive you and your channel on YouTube. You get to make ensure the box they put you in is by choice.

Focus on a Niche

Niche selection is a make or break decision that you need to make sure you put in the hard yards to narrow down to a specific niche that will work for you.


The biggest mistake that we see that leads to unsuccessful youtube channels is choosing a niche that is too broad or straying from your niche.


If you are going to do a youtube channel about a beginners guide to drones then you shouldn’t start making videos about how funny your cat is.


If you want to build a loyal following that subscribes to your channel and watches your videos then you need to make sure you are consistent in what you offer.


With this consistency you will build trust with your viewers and they will keep coming back because you are consistent in what you offer on your channel.

Themes Colors

Choose a theme for your channel so that you can use this theme and colors consistently across your channel. This consistency will compliment your niche that you have chosen.


Try and choose colors that are easily recognizable and stand out from your competitors


When I first started making videos I used this bright green background. It got me a lot of attention and viewers started to recognize my videos because it stands out so well.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is very important because it is what most people will see before you they get to your channel page.


It will show below every one of your videos and it will be next to all of your comments.


I like to use a personal picture if your channel is a personal brand. If you have a channel for a business brand then you can use your logo as the profile picture.


The YouTube banner is an opportunity for you to tell people a little bit more about what kind of videos you create and how often they can expect videos from your channel.


This banner is crucial for people visiting your channel that are thinking about subscribing to your channel, so much sure your channel banner is exciting enticing and encourages them to want to subscribe to your channel.


I see so many channels that don’t complete the about section of their channel.


This is a must


It lets you tell viewers in detail what your channel is all about and YouTube uses this to confirm what niche your channel is in and what kind of videos you will be creating.


Here is a good example from Noah Kagan of what you should have in your about section on YouTube

Noah Kagan About Section YouTube

Channel Keywords

From the Niche that you have chosen find some broad keywords that describe the main topic of the videos you will be creating.


I like to keep these very focused on the problem that I am trying to solve for my viewer. Think about what questions they may be seeking answers for.


You need to get inside your viewers mind and think like they think to fully understand the key phrases they will be typing into the search box on YouTube


Youtube use they keywords when ranking your initial videos so make sure they are aligned to your first few videos.


How to Get a Free Trial of Adobe Photoshop

You can download adobe photoshop for free for 7 days

Adobe Photoshop is the best image editing tool money can get you. Luckily, you can use the trial period to avoid spending even a money on it upfront.

In this post we will show you step by step how to get a free trial of adobe photoshop for your Windows or Mac laptop. You get access to all the same features and tools as the paid version, with the only difference being that it will become unusable after the seven day trial period.

  • Step 1 Go to the Adobe Photoshop Free Trial Page
  • Step 2 Choose Start your Free Trial
  • Step 3 Open the file Photoshop_Set-Up.exe to start the Photoshop install.
  • Step 4 Create an Adobe Account
  • Step 5 Complete the Installer Instructions
  • Step 6 Open Photoshop


Step 1 Go to the Adobe Photoshop Free Trial Page

Adobe Photoshop Free Trial Page

Step 2 Choose Start your Free Trial

Choose Start Photoshop Trial

Step 3 Open the file Photoshop_Set-Up.exe to start the Photoshop install.

Step 4 Create an Adobe Account

Step 5 Complete the Installer Instructions

Step 6 Open Photoshop and Start Creating Magic