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How to Create a WordPress Website in South Africa in 30min

This Video will show you how to create a WordPress Website in South Africa Step by Step

In this video we show you How to Create a WordPress Website in South Africa the step are

  • Set up Web Hosting with Hostgator
  • Get Your very own Domain name
  • Install WordPress on your Domain
  • Create Your Website within the WordPress Dashboard


If you want to see a text version of this step by step process have a look at our How to Create a WordPress Website Post

If this video helps you please let us know.

PS if you are interested in our quick starter pack where you pay us to create a website for you to fast track this process send us a mail to [email protected]

We hope you enjoyed this video on How to Create a WordPress Website in South Africa


Introduction to WordPress

A Step by Step Guide to

Getting Started with WordPress


Add Your Content Here

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The Psychology behind email marketing

Email marketing if done right can put your selling process into Auto Pilot

This is leverage at its best

DM with Karl Email Marketing

Once you have set up your automated email sequence you can sell your digital products on auto pilot. Your products will be sold while you sleep, while you on holiday and while you spend time on the things you want to spend your time on.

I hope this gets you as excited about email marketing as I am. This is the newest most powerful leverage you can find online for your very own Website.

This is why email marketing is so powerful

Most people battle to make offers and sell in the digital world


Psychology of Selling


These are Robert Ciadini’s 7 Principle from his book Influence

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Commitment & Consistency
  3. Liking
  4. Authority
  5. Social Proof
  6. Scarcity
  7. Unity
DM with karl email marketing list building

We are going to show you a proven formula, a system that you can use to help you get on the right track with your email marketing

Using sales techniques that have worked for years

This automated system once set up will make the sales for you

The outcome you will get

How to write emails that sell

By the end of this section you will have written your first email sequence

Email is going to be the foundation of you making money

Building Trust with Email Marketing


Trust is the most important step in getting the sale

If the person does not trust you they will not buy from you

You need to become the trusted source that can provide the solution that they desire to solve their problem.

Persuasion Email Marketing Techniques


The words you use in your emails can influence the reader, this is called copywriting and we will cover this in more depth in a later section.

Human Psychology


The Free economy has created an expectation that you need to give something away for free that gives your potential customer value before they actually buy from you. If you can deliver this value for free then you will be more likely to get them to buy from you later.

An example of this is our free course on how to build your first wordpress website.


What is SEO

What is SEO

What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization can be very confusing to some people but if you look at it carefully it is very simple on the surface.


Wikipedia defines SEO as the Process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a search engines’s organic results.


When you implement Search Engine Optimization on your website the goal is to optimize the site to rank number one in searches on Google and other search engines. Deciding on the keywords that you want to target is one of the most important factors because the competition for keywords increases the more people search for it.

Google What is SEO DM with Karl Digital Marketing

Optimizing your Website for Search

Things to consider when thinking about optimizing your website

-Words matter

-Titles matter more

-Links matter

-The words used for these links matter

-Website Reputation Matters

-Relevance & Authority of your Website

Relevance is a measure of how appropriate Google thinks your content is for an incoming search query (This is where your keyword choice and content creation comes into play because it needs to be relevant for the specific keywords)

Authority – is a measure of how trustworthy Google thinks your site is using backlinks, brand popularity and reputation therefore these factors are used to rank your site’s authority.


SEO Approach

The best way to approach SEO is to play by Google’s rules. If your website is consistent and provides good content that is relevant to its readers. The keywords that you are targeting you will over time increase your ranking within searches.

If your content is good people will start to engage with it. They will link to it and share it on social media. This will increase the authority of your website as well as increase the brand reputation of your website.

Think of it like a snowball effect. If one person on social media shares you post on What is SEO on Facebook.  One of their friends sees it clicks on the link. They will arrive at your website. If they enjoy the article and find it relevant. They might right a post about it on their blog and link back to your site.

Most importantly you have a new way for people to find your post online. There is a new source linking to your website. So more people will find your site. They may share it on social media like twitter. One of their followers sees the post clicks on it. They arrive at your site enjoy reading your post. They like it so much they share it on their website or social media. Therefore the snowball starts to gain momentum and the authority of your site will start to increase.


How to Check for WordPress Updates


How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress DMwithKarl

How to install WordPress on Your Website to get started with Lesson 2 Log in to your Hostgator Account

If you would prefer to watch the Video Tutorial How to Install WordPress on YouTube we have included it for you below

Hostgator How to Install WordPress

Make Sure you are on your Hosting Tab at the Top right


Then under Special Offers Click Get Started with WordPress Today


This will take you into your cPanel Account

Installing WordPress on Your Website Step by Step

How to Install WordPress

Select the domain you want to install wordpress on you should only have one option here the domain you have just purchased


Do Not select any of the Let a Pro Do It for You (This is an unnecessary extra cost that we don’t need right now)

Enter your Blog Title, Admin User Name, First Name last name and your email


Then click Install

Once your install is complete you will see the big green tick at the top of the page


And they will show you your Installation details save these for future reference, you can either write them down or screenshot this screen to keep these details safe


Click on Login

DMwithKarl WordPress Login Page

You will arrive at your WordPress Login Screen

To get here without clicking login you can type your domain name /wp-admin

For example our login is https://dmwithkarl/wp-admin

DMwithKarl WordPress Dashboard

Once you have logged in you will arrive at your WordPress Dashboard


Now you have completed the lesson How to Install WordPress


To access the full course for Free Click here


If you would just like to see the next lesson click here


Set up Web Hosting for your WordPress Website

Set up Web Hosting for your WordPress Website
in 10 minutes

This is Lesson 1 in our Free Course on How to Set up Web Hosting for your WordPress Website, to view the full course click here, if you just want to view this lesson you can watch the below video or read our step by step blog post.

We are going to use Hostgator to set up our Web Hosting, we have arranged a special deal for our community from Hostgator if you follow this link you will get a discount on your first months hosting and we earn a referral commission which allows us to create these courses for you for free.

Once the Hostgator Page has loaded Click on the orange Get Started Button in the middle of the page.


You will then arrive at the Shared Web Hosting Page with the following Three Options Shown Below

  1. Hatchling Plan

  2. Baby Plan

  3. Business Plan


For now to get us started the Hatchling Plan will be enough for your first website


If you would like to upgrade at a later stage to get the benefits of the more expensive packages you can do the upgrade when you would like to add more domains or need some of the additional features.

Set up Web Hosting for your WordPress Website
Select Your Free Domain Name

When you open a new account with hostgator you can also get your domain name at the same time.


Under Number 1. Choose a Domain at the top of the page select the domain name you want, remember we want to select a .com if it is available, the .com is more recognized and easier to rank on Google, if it isn’t available then you can try a new name or another TLD

Choose Your Hosting Plan

Package Type – Select the Hatchling Plan


Billing Cycle, this is up to you if you can afford a longer cycle of 12, 24 or 36 months you do receive a good discount for paying upfront, however to get you started we recommend the 1 month option to keep your costs low when starting out. We will tell you more about the coupon code you can use the get a good discount on your first month below.


Enter a username that is available and select a security pin

Choose Your Hosting Plan

Fill in all the information required to open your account


Email, Name, Company, Phone, Address, Country, Zip Code, City and your payment details remember to keep all this information secure.

Enter Your Billing Info

Do not select any of the additional services we do not need these to get you started


You are half way through the lesson keep going to complete how to set up web hosting for your wordpress website, if you get stuck at any time leave us a comment below or send us an email to [email protected] and we will assist as soon as possible.

Add Additional Services

To get the full discount available enter the coupon code DMWITHKARL and click Validate.

See the above screenshot for the Order details before the validation of the coupon code.


Make sure that the Hosting Addons are not selected at the bottom of section 1, scroll to the top and the page and make sure this box is unticked as you can see in the below screenshot Hostgator tends to tick this by default, go back and check that you have unticked this box.

Hostgator Discount Coupon Code DMWITHKARL
Untick Add Ons

Once you have unticked the box review your order details it should look like the below screenshot with a total of $12.96

Domain name $12.95

Hosting $0.01 after the coupon discount – DMWITHKARL

Set up Web Hosting for your WordPress Website

Once you have the correct discounted total, agree to the terms and select checkout now.


Congratulations on completing the first lesson Set up Web Hosting for your WordPress Website, you are now on your way to online success keep up the good work.

To get this full course on How to Create Your Own WordPress Website for Free Click Here


If you Just want to see the next lesson click here




How to Start Your Online Business

Starting your Online Business

The first two steps you need to take when starting your online Business

  1. Define your Customer
  2. Decide on Your Brand Name

Define Your Customer

When you are starting your online business you need to define your customer you will need to understand the Niche that you are going to focus on. You need to think about what problem your customer has, how you can solve it and where your customer will be looking for the solution to their problem.

What is your Customers Problem That you are going to Solve for Them

By defining the problem your customer has you can focus your efforts on helping your customer get the best outcome from the solution you will deliver to them. The value you offer your customer is very important. You need to emphasize with your customers problem and really understand what they are going through and feeling. If you have already experienced this problem them you will understand the persons frustrations much more.

How can you solve this problem

Think about how you can solve your customers problem, the best way to define this solution is if you have first hand experience from solving this problem them you can talk about what you did, what worked for you and what didn’t work for you.

Where will your Customer be looking for a Solution

Understand your customer and find out where they will be looking for their solution will they be searching on Google for a text solution, YouTube for a video solution or will they be looking on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest. If you can understand where they are looking then you can provide your solution on the right platform.

Decide on Your Brand Name

Now that you have defined your customer and know what Niche they are in the next step in starting your online business is to start thinking about your Brand Name.

Some people like to use their personal name as their brand while other like to come up with their own Brand Name that can be separate from them. Think about what will suit you best.

Try and choose a name that is short simple and easy to remember. Think about popular brand names like Nike, Addidas, Coke Cola and Google. Try and choose a name that people can connect with and will leave a lasting impression, a name that speaks to the voice and image of your brand and what you stand for.

Once you have decided on a Brand Name it is time to secure your brand name in the online world, click here to get started claiming the domain name for your brand.

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