3. YouTube Channel Branding

The first key to Making sure you have a clear message to send about the Brand of your YouTube channel you need to curate the way people see your brand. You can’t show them everything otherwise they will just get too overwhelmed.

Choose your Box

Your viewers will try to simplify what you stand for. They will put you in a box. I learnt this concept from sean McCabe.


Viewers will put you in a box because they are too lazy to process all of the information your channel has to offer instead that just focus on the necessary.


You are going to be put in a box by every viewer that comes to your channel.

Now you have a choice either you can see this as a bad thing and moan about it or you can understand that viewers will do this whether you like it or not. You can however use this to your advantage and choose what box they are going to put you in.


Be very specific about what you stand for and what your brand is all about. This way you keep control of how viewers perceive you and your channel on YouTube. You get to make ensure the box they put you in is by choice.

Focus on a Niche

Niche selection is a make or break decision that you need to make sure you put in the hard yards to narrow down to a specific niche that will work for you.


The biggest mistake that we see that leads to unsuccessful youtube channels is choosing a niche that is too broad or straying from your niche.


If you are going to do a youtube channel about a beginners guide to drones then you shouldn’t start making videos about how funny your cat is.


If you want to build a loyal following that subscribes to your channel and watches your videos then you need to make sure you are consistent in what you offer.


With this consistency you will build trust with your viewers and they will keep coming back because you are consistent in what you offer on your channel.

Themes Colors

Choose a theme for your channel so that you can use this theme and colors consistently across your channel. This consistency will compliment your niche that you have chosen.


Try and choose colors that are easily recognizable and stand out from your competitors


When I first started making videos I used this bright green background. It got me a lot of attention and viewers started to recognize my videos because it stands out so well.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is very important because it is what most people will see before you they get to your channel page.


It will show below every one of your videos and it will be next to all of your comments.


I like to use a personal picture if your channel is a personal brand. If you have a channel for a business brand then you can use your logo as the profile picture.


The YouTube banner is an opportunity for you to tell people a little bit more about what kind of videos you create and how often they can expect videos from your channel.


This banner is crucial for people visiting your channel that are thinking about subscribing to your channel, so much sure your channel banner is exciting enticing and encourages them to want to subscribe to your channel.


I see so many channels that don’t complete the about section of their channel.


This is a must


It lets you tell viewers in detail what your channel is all about and YouTube uses this to confirm what niche your channel is in and what kind of videos you will be creating.


Here is a good example from Noah Kagan of what you should have in your about section on YouTube

Noah Kagan About Section YouTube

Channel Keywords

From the Niche that you have chosen find some broad keywords that describe the main topic of the videos you will be creating.


I like to keep these very focused on the problem that I am trying to solve for my viewer. Think about what questions they may be seeking answers for.


You need to get inside your viewers mind and think like they think to fully understand the key phrases they will be typing into the search box on YouTube


Youtube use they keywords when ranking your initial videos so make sure they are aligned to your first few videos.